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Workshop on “ Introduction of E-Commerce Logistics on Operations /Clearance /Freight Payment Collection”

Aug 19, 2021

Nowadays, e-commerce is very popular.  Many e-commerce courses are held in the market. However, courses for logistics and freight forwarding for e-commerce business are not so many.

The objective of this workshop is to let participants understand more on e-commerce logistics and freight operations under different e-commerce logistics modes.

The workshop will cover three sections. Firstly, the workshop will discuss different e-commerce logistics flows under either postal or forwarding channels.  Secondly, it will also discuss how e-commerce shipments can be cleared by customs.  Lastly, the workshop will cover how to collect freight payments from China e-sellers or China agents for e-commerce logistics shipments without paying withholding tax. The workshop will discuss how Hong Kong agents to know more about China VAT/WHT tax and how to apply China tax exemption for freight payment.



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